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Clipper 13-14 Race

Global Circuit

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Race re-start: 24 May 2014
Estimated arrival: 30 May 2014
6 Days

After leaving the tropical destination, the fleet will be heading into lighter winds near the Windward Passage, which marks the exit from the Caribbean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean.

Once out of the Caribbean, the racing crews will experience wind from every point of the compass, as the yachts head away from the steady Caribbean trade winds
into the variable winds associated with
the depressions coming from the North American land mass.

Many sail changes will be required to keep the boats going as fast as possible in the right direction. Throw in the Gulf Stream, which can reach speeds of more than three knots and it makes a very interesting race for those watching at home – and a very stressful one for those taking part.

Thunderstorms are likely to provide some spectacular backdrops with the air alive with static and lightening cracking in to the sea around the finish line in the Ambrose Channel outside the Big Apple.