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Clipper 13-14 Race

Global Circuit

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Race re-start: 12 January 2014
Estimated arrival: 14 February 2014
33 Days

This will be one of the most testing races of the whole Clipper Race, as skippers and crews will be pushed to their mental and physical limits.

The many hazards on this race – both geographical and meteorological – may force race organisers to break it into two parts.

The meteorological challenges
come from tropical storms and the Pacific Ocean equivalent of the Doldrums, whereas the geographical hazards come from the narrow confines of the Indonesian Island chain.

Once north of the equator, the fleet will leave Papua New Guinea to port and start a light airs battle in high temperatures through the islands of Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

A warm welcome awaits the Clipper Race in Singapore, where the yachts will be moored at the spectacular One ̊15 Marina.