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Race 9 day 7

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

26 FEB 2014 - Race 9

All is not well on board Switzerland, there have been some murders. 

Vincent Janetta (Leg 5 and 6 crew member) was brutally killed by the bosun, round the world crew member Gordon McDougall, using the skipper’s mug on the companion way steps. 

Whilst earlier this morning, Leg 5 to 8 crew member Edward Gileda was done in by his watchleader, round the world crew member Jonathan Bordas, on the coach roof cuddy with a Harken winch handle.  Ok, you guessed it!  We are playing the Cluedo murder game between here and Hong Kong and no one on board is safe! 

Yesterday evening during happy hour, everyone picked out of a hat the name of a victim (another member of the crew), a location on the boat and a random object.  The aim is to “kill” your victim by getting them to take the item from you in the said location.  Everyone is now deep in thought, trying to work out how to set up the situation to execute their dark deed without causing suspicion.  Whilst at the same time we are all developing irrational paranoia about being handed odd objects in strange places.  Now everyone knows my coffee cup has been used as a weapon, it’s being refilled again, thank heavens! 

Today we are sailing in convoy with Old Pulteney and Qingdao with a good breeze, few clouds and a hot sun.  Indeed, a perfect day for Astro-navigation lesson part two.  Earlier this leg we ran through the theory of how astro-navigation techniques can find our position on the earth's surface.  Today, out came the sextant and the morning’s watch learnt how to tune and play this precious piece of equipment used for finding the altitude (angular height) of the sun in the sky.   Next watch we will look at how to take sun sights and for those with the mathematical patience we may even reduce a few to find our position.  It is a long process but the results are far more satisfying than glancing at the Garmin chart plotter to find our location.  Today's captain’s corner handed over the reins to Leg

5 crew member Mario Lenitz who, using both his sailing and aircraft background, gave a very interesting talk about radars. 

Ah alas! Another crew member dead as I type!  Murderer Jonathan has stuck again after inheriting Edward's victim and has just swiftly polished off Leg 5 crew member Martin Hanslip in the port corridor with an apple.  An apple, of all murderous objects!  Lucky that he stuck fast as there are not many apples left on board! 

I will keep you updated as to who I have left in the ship’s compliment but we may be a ghost ship by the time we arrive into Hong Kong.  My name was in the hat too so let’s hope I survive at least to tell the tale! 

'Til tomorrow folks (hopefully!) 

With love from the rapidly depleting crew on Switzerland. 

PS No crew members have been hurt in the playing of this game and next of kin now know!