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Race 9 Day 8

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

27 FEB 2014 - Race 9

Fuel is the hot topic today as we have been calculating, checking and recalculating our consumption and progress nonstop, trying to make sure we get to Hong Kong as fast as possible without running out before we get there!  With very little wind on the forecast for the next couple of days we don't want to be stuck drifting.  We put in half a day’s sailing last night and that we reckon should last us until we get there.

Today we have continued with astronavigation part 3.  After learning how to tune and use the sextant yesterday, the team have been taking and recording sun sights using the sextant this morning.  Turning this into a position on the chart takes some maths which we will tackle next with a good cup of coffee and the hefty astronavigation books we have on board!

The murders have continued throughout the day and the crew are turning out to be surprisingly easy to kill (see yesterday’s blog for an explanation of this).  Round the world crew member Mona Stalsberg managed to club Leg 5 crew member Steve Phillip to death with the rubber mallet after feigning it was needed for an important maintenance task at the mast.  Our oldest round the world crew member, Californian Ralf Nielsen, persuaded our media crew and round the world member Chris Paxton to help him read the instruction on the splicing fids in the galley, and that was the end of Chris.  Serial killer, round the world crew member Jonathan Bordas is not hesitating and deftly dispatched fellow round the world crew member Lindsey Noble in broad day light during the watch handover.  Top kill of the day was from Leg 5 crew member Maren Excel who managed to kill our Leg 3 to 5 watchleader Gerald Boess with a toilet roll in the bosun’s locker – how she orchestrated that I will leave to the imagination!

Overnight we had more than the usual number of flying fish leaping at the boat.  One made its way through the open side hatches in to the crew's accommodation area causing much commotion.  I have to commend Doug Wong, our Leg 2 to 6 crew member medic, for the swift removal of this poor fish to the sea. Everyone else was screaming like girls!  Other wildlife includes an adolescent red footed boobie bird who appears each day to catch the flying fish that get disturbed by the boat as it makes its way through the waves.

We can tell it is an adolescent as its favourite daily entertainment is pooing on poor Steve.

And finally, today is a special day as it's our chief of staff, Alysoun Sturt-Scobie's birthday so a big happy birthday to Ally! See the crew blog today for our poem to Ally who is the crew member from Switzerland nobly helping out Mission Performance for this race.