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Cape Breton

To raise product awareness
and increase distribution in
new markets for its Louisbourg Seafood’s Sea Cucumber range, Team Sponsor Cape Breton used its partnership with the Cape Breton Island yacht to host Seafood Gala receptions in France, Singapore, Qingdao and the Netherlands.

During the race stopover in Singapore, new-market discussions led to their investment in sea cucumber processing – a new product range for the company – for export to the Asian market.

Trade mission participants one year after the Clipper 2009-10 Race disclosed approximately $410,000 in sales from new markets, with approximately $6.45 million projected for the next year.

“The discussion we’ve had with our Singaporean friends is that they had no idea of what was available in Atlantic Canada. It has been a wonderful experience for us in raising the profile of cape Breton.”
David Sevigny, High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore