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Conquer the Mighty Pacific Ocean

leg 1


1 races
0oC - 22oC
5,600mi / 9,000km
February – April 2014
Around 33 days
chn  usa 

This is a race that every sailor wants in their log book!

After more than a month at sea, crossing the International Date Line and with nearly 6,000 miles left in your wake, you will be preparing to make one of the most momentous landfalls of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

If you are on watch, it could be your shout that alerts your team that the hills of California have been spotted and that the end goals of this longest challenge is in sight. By then, the incredible start spectacle put on by the Chinese sailing city of Qingdao will be distant memory but one that will live with you forever.

As you depart China, expect to be treated like a superhero as the media and spectators snap away, video, cheer and applaud as you walk down to your racing yacht. The first few days when snow fell on a grey sea will have been long forgotten as you worked your boat to the maximum and got to the first waypoint at the southern tip of Japan. You will smile at the memory of the huge Pacific rollers that picked up your 70-foot yacht and allowed it to surf at 30 knots down into the trough ahead.

You will warm to the memory of sharing the biggest ocean in the world with just a handful of special people who worked together to keep the team safe, fast, happy and well fed.

The first week will have merged with the second, third and fourth and now the warmth of California sunshine indicates that you are close to your goal. You realise that you have raced across the mightiest ocean on the planet.