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leg 1


4 races
15oC - 25oC
3,750mi / 6,050km
June – July 2014
Around 22 days
usa  gbr  zzeuropeanunion  gbr 

While this might be the homeward bound leg, there is plenty of racing still to be had.

The first takes you north and a check of the sea temperature will tell you when your racing yacht is getting a helping push from the Gulf Stream. A further check will tell you when it gives way to the cooler Labrador Current and the mixture in sea water often produces unpredictable fog banks.

From New York, the second race of Leg 8 gets underway as the final dash across the Atlantic begins. The route will have one waypoint to avoid any risk from ice and will take your close to the Flemish Cap, a fishing ground made famous in the book and film, The Perfect Storm.

It’s a 2,000-mile blast back towards Europe and, to welcome you, the finish line in Ireland promises a great reception. The craic is predictably legendary and, with your odyssey almost over, it’s a great place to gather your thoughts and put your achievements into perspective.

But still the challenges come thick and fast. In three of the last four editions of the Clipper Race the overall winner had still to be decided at this point and the final miles have all the pressure of extra time in the World Cup final. From Ireland, the fleet will race over the Irish Sea to finish at a port in Northern Europe. For the final race, it’s a 24-hour blast back to the UK and a hero’s welcome.

As you enter the port that the boats last saw nearly 12 months before, you’ll cross the outward track to complete an amazing journey. Ahead lies the podium and prize giving reception that confirms the overall winner of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. But, no matter where you end up in the final standings, every crew member is a winner as you say farewell to team members who will have become friends for life.