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Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride

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12oC - 28oC
4,700mi / 7,560km
October - November 2015
Around 23 days
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Back on board with tales of diving with great whites, safaris and sampling the best of Stellenbosch, the challenging Southern Ocean will be your home for the next three weeks.

After a parade of sail past the waving crowds, it’s out onto the waters of one of the world’s Great Capes – Good Hope – and getting ready to face what, for many sailors, will be their ultimate challenge. As the Cape of Good Hope falls astern, the racing yachts tack down towards the 40th parallel. This is where the Roaring Forties start and the Southern Ocean provides some of the most extreme sailing in the world.

Crew safety and kit preservation and the watchwords. If the cloud is thick, night sailing happens in inky blackness with just the compass and the instruments to help. It’ll be chilly, too, because although it will be a Southern Hemisphere spring, the wind might be coming straight up from the ice of Antarctica.

Leaving the lonely and remote Kerguelen Islands to starboard, the combination of strong winds and large ocean swell that are bigger than buildings will keep crews on their toes. So, too, will the chance of vicious in-coming low pressure systems that can bring with them intense, gale force storms.

The beautiful, sun kissed beaches of Western Australia await – along with a well chilled ‘tinny’ with your name on it!