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Asia-Pacific Challenge

leg 1


2 races
0oC - 30oC
7,400mi / 11,900km
December 2015 – February 2016
Around 53 days
aus  sgp  chn 

This marathon race takes crew from the heat of the Southern Hemisphere summer up into the tropics and back across the Equator, a tricky routing challenge through the islands of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

The race can be broken down into three distinct sections. The first is the tough beat north into prevailing winds as you head up the Gold Coast, past the beauty of the Whitsunday Islands and the wildness of the Northern Territories. Section two involves crossing the Equator, with the challenges of the Doldrums and tropical temperatures, and sailing past the remote communities on Papua New Guinea and into the Pacific Ocean for real. As the race finally enters the South China Sea and takes advantage of the north east monsoon winds, the fleet will hoist spinnakers and charge towards a warm welcome in Asia.

After a relaxing stay soaking up the culture it’s back on board for a race of extremes. It starts in tropical heat and light headwinds and then, as you track north, the weather turns colder, the winds come from directly ahead and the sea state kicks up to deliver a real challenge. Thermals are added to the layers of clothing and snow might be even make an appearance as you route east of Taiwan into the East China Sea and point towards the Olympic sailing city of Qingdao.

If you watched the Against the Tide series you will get an idea of the scale of the greeting laid on for your heroic arrival and, wherever you go, autograph hunters will be keen to add your signature to their book.