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A core element of the Clipper Race experience is our pioneering training programme that enables novices and skilled yachts-people to tackle the most challenging situations on the planet.

We take the lessons from having raced more than more than three million miles and apply them to our global training courses, constantly progressing and always striving to give our crew the adavantage to ensure our crews are trained to the highest level. 

Working with our professional skippers and mates, you will live onboard 68-foot and 70-foot yachts. From day one you will build teams, learn the ropes, cook, clean and race. On top of that you’ll learn the basics of yacht maintenance and management, racing tactics, survival at sea and weather routing.  The most important skill you’ll learn is being part of a multi-disciplined high performance team that will function in every condition that Mother Nature can throw.

You will recieve a training manual, full kit list and optional advanced reading in advace of your course. If you have any questions email Head of Training Thea George .

There are four levels of compulsory intensive training, delivered at our headquarters in Hampshire, UK and our training hub in Sydney, Australia.

Level 1: Crewing Skills
(6.5 days on the water)

To be a great sailor, you first need to be a safe and competent sailor. During week one you will be pushed to your physical limits. You’ll understand just how well you will be able to function while cold, wet and tired. As part of the selection process you need to successfully complete Level 1 before you’re guaranteed a place on the Clipper Race.

Level 2 Offshore Sailing and Life Onboard 
(6 days on the water)

How to live at a 45-degree angle for prolonged periods while racing. You’ll learn to work in a watch system, race with broken sleep as you sail through the night. You will be amazed at how the skills you learnt on Level 1 come back to you. Not quite like riding a bike, more like riding a bucking bronco – in a washing machine.

Level 3: Asymmetric Spinnaker Training and Racing Techniques
(6 days on the water)

As your skill and confidence levels increase, so do the demands we place on you. When you race for real, you will do things right first time and quickly, and you’ll be assured and feel at home. We will help you build your confidence and stretch your comfort zone. The Clipper 70’s fly asymmetric spinnakers, which are great fun, fast, furious and rewarding. The flip side is that it is more technical, more demanding and more physical. Here you will really hone in on your racing skills. Everything will be about sail trim, making the boat go faster and understanding the weather systems that you’re racing in.

Level 4: Team Tactics and Offshore Fleet Racing
(6.5 days on the water)

You’re almost there; you can feel the race start. Now it’s time to put the final touches to your pre-race training. Here you will train with your skipper and team while racing against the rest of the Clipper Race fleet. You will practice race starts, build and really get to know your team and importantly start to work on a psychological edge over your rivals. There are no race points at stake during Level 4 – but you’d better believe that the race has started. Imagine the feeling as you win practice race after practice race. you're ready to race the world, one ocean at a time.