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Race 4 – Day 1

OneDLL - Mark Churchill

05 NOV 2013 - Race 4

Back on The Big Blue after what seems an eternity… It was in fact less then two weeks between seeing them sail off in Rio and watching them rock up in Cape Town. With spiderman up the mast no less!

A decent stopover involves some decent parties some we went to, the Halloween fancy dressed spooktacular in Mitchells we hosted!

A lot of effort was made by crews and skippers with prizes for best dressed male and female crew members as well as best dressed team and best dressed skipper...

Team Transylvania/Switzerland were hot favourites to win best dressed team all dressed as Vampires until Henri Lloyd arrived as the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in what can be only described as amazing fancy dress!

Best dressed skipper was a close battle between Eric from Henri Lloyd in what can only be described as very small alarmingly tight gold pants and

Matt from Mission Performance in Lingerie. Matt won as frankly he looked scarier! All the excitement proved too much for one tired and emotional penguin who was discovered asleep after the party had finished! (and yes there are photos and yes they are on social media!)

All Parties come to an end and ours ended today as the racing stated. Race start went well for us and as we rounded the first mark we popped our spinnaker and moved into first place it was quite a sight seeing the other 11 Clipper Race yachts behind us with Table Mountain as a back drop!

As we gybed across Table Bay we changed sail plans and dropped havoc our medium weight spinnaker in favour of everyone's favourite sail the Yankee 2. We then switched up to the Yankee 1 (everyone's least favourite sail) in what Olly described as "an Epic hoist". The wind speed then increased and we decided to change down to the Yankee 2. The following hour or so could be best described as an episode of bloody-mindedness and how not to drop a foresail... highlights included us nearly losing the sail overboard and me nearly losing a finger!

As we flaked (and I bled over) the Yankee 1 my watch leader Rosie turned to me and said "So you glad to be back Jager?" I have to admit I am! I am looking forward to the run to Albany, the challenges of the Southern Ocean and hopefully our first podium!

Jager out.

Mark "jager" Churchill