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Race 4 - Day 1

Mission Performance - Jo Fishburn

07 NOV 2013 - Race 4

And we're off! The start of Leg 3 did not disappoint both seasoned Clipperites and our new team mates alike with a tightly contested race course backed by the stunning scenery of Table Mountain.

The big decision was whether to go around the wind hole created by the mountainous coast, or through it - and with Windy the Windseeker as one of our secret weapons, Matt's call was to go through and save the additional 20 miles we would need to make up.  And it turned out all right for us, as we made it through in pretty good time.

But things never go as smoothly as what you would like them to. During a headsail change, there was a sudden gust and the some of the sail fell in the water. At exactly the same time our No 1 reefing line snapped. It was all hands on deck to get everything back in order. That took about 15 minutes and I personally was happy with the way we took control as a very newly formed team.

Today has been a very good day already.  We've had two birthdays, and nothing says birthday like some cake!  The crew on mother watch pulled out the stops in the galley and we tucked into chocolate cake, bread and satay noodles (my personal favourite!).

So a pretty eventful 24 hours. Everyone on board is psyched for what's coming next - so keep following!

Jo Fishburn

Mission Performance

Not quite past the Cape of Good Hope....