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Race 4 Day 1

Henri Lloyd - Meg Reilly

07 NOV 2013 - Race 4


We sailed passed Table Mountain and we said goodbye to Cape Town with ease.

It was a very fulfilling stopover, complete with some crazy team bonding experiences (Team Henri Lloyd dressed as Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween, we won best dressed team, of course... those of you who are lucky enough, or unlucky  to see photos will know why) and a restful time in the beautiful V&A Waterfront.

Although we got back on land in Cape Town a bit wobbly, feeling Jell-oy legs and awkward on stable ground, it was feared that after a long week on land maybe some of us had lost our sea legs.

Luckily that wasn't the case.  So far we have an absolutely gorgeous race start.  The sea has been smooth, we haven't suffered any seasick crew at all, and today was absolutely gorgeous weather that we all reminded each other to savour... as we know what the Southern Ocean has in store for us.

Each leg we gather new crew and lose some, but these new leggers are getting acclimated with ease.  We have some great helms already, which is very comforting.  We also gained a few more American crew members, and as a fellow American myself it is nice that we are growing in numbers.

We did lose a few female crew members, but did not gain any more.  On my watch, there are just two women.  At first, I didn't think that it would make any difference.  Not that it really has made a difference, but when the other woman was on mother duty yesterday and I looked around on my night watch to realize that I was surrounded by men, it struck me for a moment that perhaps I was a visitor in a men's club.

But when this chick gets her hands in everything and has so far sweated every single head sail we have put up, I am reminded that the seas do not discriminate by gender.  So I sat back and smiled, with ease, knowing that I belong in this club and am ready to take on the Southern Ocean with full force.

Bring it on.

-Meg Reilly, Media Crew Manager