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Race 4 – Day 3

Qingdao - Andrew Crocombe

06 NOV 2013 - Race 4

Life at 40 degrees.

As the adrenalin of race start abated and we slotted in to our watch patterns, I am now looking forward to what the next 3 weeks or so will bring. I signed up for Leg 3 on the basis that it would be full of adventure and present new experiences and challenges. The best bits so far include watching 2 whales frolicking (if a whales do such a thing) in front of Qingdao with almost balletic grace and providing a spectacular evening show (alas no encore from the dolphins just yet) and having waves crash over me whilst helping bring up Yankee 2 on to the deck for a sail change (yes, this does fall within the fun category - for now at least).

The more 'interesting' aspects of life on board arise from my lack of mountaineering experience. we have been living live at a 40 degree angle for most of the trip so far and getting from deck to your bunk requires abseiling abilities which I clearly do not possess. Getting from Bunk to deck is just as difficult without a full harness, crampons and ropes. I won't even begin to explain the problems of going to the toilet - put it this way, get a chair at home, try hopping on one leg (with trousers around your ankles) and get a family member move the chair in random directions and see if you manage to sit down. Then think about what it would be like to do that with the floor at 40 degrees - you get the picture...!

Blog written by Andrew Crocombe