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Race 4 – Day 4

Team Garmin - Daniel Ho

07 NOV 2013 - Race 4

We are finally under way, and making headways for our come back, achieving 251 nm in 24 hour period. The mood amongst the crew has been amazing, there is anticipation and camaraderie that is  outstanding as the disappointment of the setbacks are left behind and we focus on reaching Albany. 

This has been made possible by the mothers Sharon aka Shazza (RTW), JP aka Jon Purcell (L2, L3) on day 3 and Caroline aka Daisy (RTW) and Murphy aka Peter Murphy (L3) today as we settled into a new watch system of 3 and 4 hours rotation. Today's special has been delicious buttered sultana scones with jam as we await dinner.

The wind and wave conditions has been the toughest so far and despite some crew feeling a little under the weather, everyone is feeling that finally we are doing an ocean race. This was spectacularly illustrated by T JP who did a Kate Winslet impression at the bow screaming out “ This is what I signed up for !”

For the first time of the race, we have a full complement of 21 crew including our Skipper Ben Bowley. The advantages are obvious as many hands make lighter work but has led to occasions where our hot bunking system almost failed but it remains work in progress and we welcome the additional leggers – Tory (L3, 4) Murphy (L3) and Phillip (L3) who have injected enthusiasm and energy to the dynamics with special treats like strawberries, beer on our arrival in Cape Town and free hugs!

A special mention to our new Skipper Ben Bowley, who has joined Team Garmin, taking on the legacy of the strong team built up by Skipper Damian Parnham. He has quickly settled in and given the team a strong sense of purpose with his motivational pep talks. Already he has started imparting and strengthening our skill sets in helming, trimming whilst reinforcing safety at all times. What we have learnt is that he detests all seafood (unless freshly caught) and requires filtered coffee. It is a small price to pay for such an invaluable asset that will definitely strengthen Team Garmin!

To give our team supporters an idea of the insightful nature of our skipper he clued on that young Fred (L1,2,3) aka as Sleeping Wombat Hidden Ginder had been avoiding the helm and was given one to one tuition where he helmed outstandingly. Also, as some the more astute supporters may have noticed, this is my first blog – which I have quietly managed to avoid up until now. After failing to rustle up volunteers for today's blog, Skipper Ben turned to me and asked knowingly who amongst the RTW who has not yet blogged.

With that insight I will end the blog and thank our Team Garmin supporters and hope that you will continue to support us. We are definitely stronger and are a united team that are prepared to work hard and pull through. 

Albany, here we come!