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Race 4 - Day 5

Qingdao - Frankie Hope

08 NOV 2013 - Race 4

Fri 8th and we are a bit battered and bruised, but unbowed. The Roaring Forties are proving themselves worthy of the name. Last night in the midst of watch handover we were struck by a humongous wave, attacking us from the starboard stern, washing our helmsman clean off his feet, crash landing him onto his support mate, leaving us without helm control for a couple of seconds.

With them, all crew members seated on starboard side were thrown violently onto those on port side. Had it not been for us all being clipped on, half the crew would have been washed off deck. After a moments silence (save the howling wind), getting over the shock of what just happened our watch leaders called for our muster numbers to check we are all present and conscious. Pulling all bodies (!) back in to the cockpit, we realised the enormity of what could have been had we not all followed procedures/our training in clipping on.

Miraculously, it seems I am the only one with a sore head although I must have left a big bruise on somebody's knee..! Some life jackets inflated, mine included so we went down below to change cartridges and canisters, heart beats and adrenalin rushes calmed, and we went on as if nothing untoward had happened...and all had a brew together!

Frankie Hope