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Race 4 - Day 4

Invest Africa - Mbongiseni Oludlu

07 NOV 2013 - Race 4

It is still wet and we are experiencing big waves and rain but with the crew by my side I don’t feel sad any more because they have made me look on the bright side of the whole experience and I am enjoying myself.

Its Blessing Thenjekwayo's birthday today, the Leg 5 Sapinda Rainbow Project crew member. Happy Birthday Blessing I hope you enjoy  your experience as much as I am now. 

It's been busy today with a lot of action and because of the big swells we have been experiencing, the oven door shattered while bread was baking , on deck the Yankee 3 sheet snapped off under the pressure of wind and now we are sailing under storm sail. Massive waves are crashing over the deck soaking the crew every time.

I'm feeling a bit nervous because I’ve never sailed in this kind of weather but I'm  positive about the whole situation that we are going to arrive safely  into Albany. The food has been good and healthy so far, I have enjoyed the mash and gravy with a bit of meat.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my son who turned 4 months old on 4 November when we were leaving Cape Town,  I haven't spent much time with him recently as I have been away most of the time preparing for my leg  - but I promise to bring him something nice from Australia. Sometimes I wish I could just make a call and check how he has been doing.

We have a passenger on board - a swallow (gwinya) he looks cold and hungry because he cant fly any more and we have trying to feed him a biscuit but he only eats insects. It's so sad to see him suffering like that.   

Mbongiseni Dludlu