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Race 4 – Day 4

Mission Performance - Claire Carroll

08 NOV 2013 - Race 4

I don't think anyone imagined 24 hours ago that we would be flying a spinnaker today! We had another difficult night with strong winds, big seas and the occasional massive wave knocking us in all directions, but we are heading for Australia now.

After a very interesting lunchtime sail trim lesson from Matt, where we all lay on the foredeck and tried to stay awake, he decided conditions were right to get Brian, our medium weight kite out. He does love flying kites.

Our watch is down to 7 now with the loss of Dave and starboard watch only have 8 anyway, so we have instigated a standby pair to assist with headsail changes and the like. This is working pretty well so far with everyone taking turns to be on call. So we used the starboard standby pair with the kite and anti-wrap hoists, and the Yankee 2 drop this afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon watch was spent instructing the new leggers in spinnaker trim and answering any questions they had about the hoist, as we didn't really have a great deal of time to prepare them before we flew it.

With the kite up they are all learning to drive in a different way as well.

Everyone on board is settling in for the long haul to Albany, after the detour to Port Elizabeth yesterday. We are still sad that Dave has left us, but we're pleased to hear that he's doing well in the hospital.

Claire Carroll
Mission Performance