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Race 4 Day 2

Invest Africa - Mbongiseni Oludlu

06 NOV 2013 - Race 4

When the boat left Cape Town to Australia I was happy because I was going to see another country but at the same time sad seeing everyone waving goodbye to us,  especially the Sapinda Rainbow Project team because they are like family to me - but I told myself I was going to have fun with my new family on board Invest Africa. The boat crew welcomed me on board with warm hands telling me not to worry but have fun and if I need anything I must just shout. My body has been struggling with the hours we are working because it isn’t used to sleeping 4 hours or 6 hours but I have to be strong.  

This week we have seen dolphins which was something special for me as it made me smile for a minute, I have been doing some helming which I enjoy with the help of the guys on my watch. My sailing boots have gotten a bit damaged and I tried to fix them with sikaflex but it didn't work so one of the crew members leant me his pair. I also saw a whale which was one of the things that made me smile before my day started being wet with big waves and rain starting to go hard on us. It was a wet day and night which is one of the things I find hard because I started feeling sad and getting cold.

We are still wet experiencing big waves and rain but with the crew by my side I didn’t feel sad any more cause they made me to look on the bright side of the whole experience and enjoy myself. Thanks to the mothers I've been enjoying the meals since day 1 , the lightening watch for being kind  to me whenever I feel cold they let me go below deck and get warm and the good company on the boat. I've learned that working together as a team we can do better and achieve better results, respect is the key to a happy family and always make sure you're clipped on (safety first).

Photo; Credit Wembley to Soweto and Umuzi Photo Club