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Race 4 – Day 5

GREAT Britain - Alex Liddle

09 NOV 2013 - Race 4

Its has settled down a bit from the madness of the storm which by all accounts was one of the sternest tests a Clipper Race yacht has ever faced.

Makes you feel really great to have been there and done that, few others will ever come this way so there will be tales aplenty to tell children and grand bairns.

Aboard GREAT Britain there is a mood of quite confidence, we are getting on with the every day tasks of cooking for twenty hungry sailors, sleeping at funny angles and rescuing the spinnaker from the ocean when something snapped. That was "all hands on deck" to bring it back and we worked well together, another reason to be proud.

Quietly working away Gil and Nikki have laboured through the night to make repairs to our staysail, which is presently staying below deck in the passage beside the galley. It will soon be back on deck and flying again.

Its cold and lonely out in the Southern Ocean, we have been told that we are alone and far from help yet early this morning - about 0400hrs - we passed within about half a mile of a very big ship, where it's from and where its going we don't know. Were their crew surprised to see us? Did they know we were there?

As one of two crew medics I have been treating minor ailments on board, we have been fortunate, so far, there have not been the serious injuries sustained by our competitors on other boats. Most of my "patients" have needed only simple remedies available from the pharmacy near the nav station but Mark (the other medic) has just had his second acupuncture treatment for mal de mer, he hates being in the galley, he is so much happier on deck. Mother duties cannot be avoided however and as his usual tablets have not been helping he has agreed to try a traditional Chinese treatment.

Surgery is over for this morning, I am told there are no house calls today so an early bed, in my top bunk, beckons.

Alexander Liddle

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GREAT Britain