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Race 2 - Day 1

Team Garmin - Jon Dodd

09 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Although the crowds were not quite of the proportions we experienced in London we had a good send off this morning from Brest. Of particular note was the excellent sportsmanship of our fellow competitors from the other crews - wishes of good luck, clapping us in, three cheers etc. thanks guys.

The Parade of Sails looked fantastic and we were all relieved we didn't have to wave for quite as long as is London. James Scott was particularly chuffed with the package he received via a speeding rib at the eleventh hour (thanks mum Scott! also thanks from all the crew for all the cake, plenty of time to bake and ship some more out to Rio!)

Sailing wise we crossed the start line mid fleet, went with a Yankee 2, then changed to a Yankee 1 when it was possible to gain more speed, we currently have our kite out but are experiencing variable wind directions.

I have been mother today so was a little disappointed to miss out on the Dolphins in the Bay of Biscay - should have time to see more though in the next three weeks. Right I better get back to the dishes and the bread making - ohh the glamour of it all!