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Race 2 - Day 1

Henri Lloyd - Meg Reilly

09 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Meet Bob. No, he's not the able-bodied man at the helm, that's Pete.  Look to the right, now down, you got it, that's Bob. The disabled dummy lashed to the stern.

Bob has some issues, which is why we need to tie him down. During training, Bob was constantly going overboard. So much so that we began to wonder if he even wanted to be saved. Maybe he just wants the attention, but he doesn't really talk much about it.

Despite Bob's desperate cries for help and suicide attempts, Bob is actually a great companion when one is ill.  He offers a lot of comfort and support.

Case and point: during the first 24 hours of Race 2, a fellow crew member and I were hanging around Bob a lot. We both were suffering from some serious seasickness, and the best place to park ourselves was at the stern, heads hanging over the guardrails.

Bob was always there to lean on in our weakest moments.  Although he doesn't really say anything, it is good just to have someone there for you in your worst hour.  And even though Bob may like to go overboard, he sat firmly between us and the stern, ensuring that we wouldn't go over when hurling over.

Bob's a good guy, and we are all happy to have him as part of our crew.

NB: Bob is the boat’s man over board dummy used during in port training.