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Race 2 - Day 1

PSP Logistics - Tristan Grigalis

09 SEP 2013 - Race 2

It’s been a pretty interesting last couple of days. Race 2, as most of you will know has started and we have gotten off to a good start.

The first few hours were pretty choppy heading out of Brest. Two headsail changes were required as we felt that we were underpowered and needed to get back on equal terms with the fleet. After some changes in the wind which has now moved round the north the kite has been flown and it feels like we are flying along. To people that have seen the boat the stern (back) is wide and surfs well. Something we have been trying to take full advantage of whilst coming down waves. As with all the boats all the skippers and crew alike are still testing the boats to see what they are capable of in certain conditions and we are now certainly gaining a better picture an understanding of what sails fit with certain conditions.

As you might expect with choppy conditions when down below seasickness can easily occur and the key remedy are those little white pills called travel sickness pills.

Having never taken them I was pleasantly surprised to find that they did in fact work after hearing from numerous people that they did not seem to affect how they actually felt.

Just my luck yesterday was my turn to take on the responsibility of mother watch. This role is to make sure the crew is fed and watered throughout the day. In these conditions no job that you might do at home in the kitchen is easy. In fact it becomes pretty hard seeing as most of the time you are keeping one hand for yourself and one hand to actually carry out the task at hand.

Generally therefore in choppier conditions we try to lay on simple 
meals which do not require too much preparation. Dinner therefore was a vegetarian hotpot which was actually a freeze dry meal. This required very little effort yet provided the sustenance required. Freeze dry meals only require water to be added and then left to stand which makes life much simpler than preparing a full meal.

Finally and probably most exciting was our first large engagement pod of dolphins and even a whale today. It seems pretty early to be seeing whales but we spotted one about 200 metres off our starboard bow. Pretty happy about that for sure.

Anyhow that’s enough for today my head's spinning looking at the screen :-)