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Race 4 – Day 9

Qingdao - Brian Pickles

13 NOV 2013 - Race 4

For me this race is about experiencing something different, something special and experiencing something I have read about in many books about sailing round the world. I have often wondered what it is really like for round the world sailors. Now I am beginning to understand.

At the end of this race I will have very special memories like no other memories I have ever had. There are the memories from the foredeck while changing sails - getting swept down the deck and Peter landing on top of me. Also there are the memories of dark nights, high winds and taking turns to go below to get warm.

There are now so many memories and we are adding special ones every day.

Yesterday it was Vicky's birthday. At the moment the memory is not a good one for Vicky as she accidentally gybed the boat in winds of 45 to 55 knots true and snapped the mainsheet. In the future I hope she will remember how the whole crew supported her and worked to fix the mainsheet. It could have happened to any one of us in these conditions. We are back racing to Albany now with another problem resolved. More stories to tell in the pub.

I now find memories are triggered by food and drink. When ever someone drinks hot chocolate in the future I will remember sitting on the cockpit floor drinking hot chocolate with Mel and Jodi in a F10 while every few minutes we were soaked by another wave pouring along the side deck.

Apple crumble will remind me of sitting in the saloon on night watch eating apple crumble with my crew mates.

Have just come on watch so off to make more memories.