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Race 4 – Day 9

Mission Performance - Jo Fishburn

13 NOV 2013 - Race 4

What a difference a day makes! One minute we're doing our best to survive

the Southern Ocean with waves and wind speeds we had heard about but not really mentally prepared for, and the next we have Brian (our medium weight spinnaker) out on a lovely beam reach with the sun out and enough wind to keep us going at a steady 12 knots.  We know that this isn't long term, so doing our very best to enjoy the brief respite.  Smocks have been left below for one afternoon and we might be freezing our proverbials but we're damn well going to enjoy it!

We had a great motivational podcast from Will Carnegie yesterday.  For those that don't know him - look him up... He skippered the Veritas Yacht in the BT Challenge so has first hand experience of what we're going through.  It was great timing as the preceding 3 days we had been battered to an inch of our lives and needed a pick me up.  He talked about 'Second Effort', a motto they had, and something I can really relate to.  We are all permanently tired, and it would be so easy to come on deck, do the very minimum and get back down as soon as possible.  But that's not what this is about.  Its about rising to the challenge of doing something remarkable.

To do that we all need to choose our moods and do that little bit more - every day.  Matt has also chosen to address this head-on and we are working hard on Team Development to ensure we squeeze out every bit of extra performance we can.

Right - had better get back on deck for some more grind/hold action.  Today is a good day.

Jo Fishburn

Mission Performance
Somewhere in the Southern Ocean...