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Race 2 - Day 2

Mission Performance - Ross Turnbull

10 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Well what a last 24 hours we have had. The 'exciting' sailing of yesterday morning changed to 'champagne' sailing yesterday afternoon. Clear skies, good breeze and a steady 10 knots in the bag. We were shadowed by dolphins, a whale and a yellow duck (poor little darling couldn't keep up)!

As evening approached and we chomped our way through Pesto Pasta Jo was heard to say "Bay of Biscay...what Bay of Biscay?" we all laughed.

But 'Baby Bay' decided to give us a final kiss goodbye.

The winds grew quickly and before we had a chance to drop our code 2 spinnaker the halyard snapped dumping the kite in the sea. A hectic half hour saw all crew on deck striving to regain the sail while keeping our boat racing.

As Katherine applied herbal remedies to the odd bump & bruise we all had broad grins on our faces. An adrenalin packed couple of hours had moved us up to third in the fleet.

This morning finds us back in clear skies with a poled out Yankee. Surfing downwind with helms rotating at 20 minute intervals. Everyone is eager to have a go to try and beat Murali's 21.5 knots.

Our picture today shows the latest entries in our 'does my bum look big in this hat' contest. The current leader is Ed with a little Australian number.

Hold Fast

Ross Turnbull