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Race 4 – Day 11

Switzerland - Roser Preuss

15 NOV 2013 - Race 4

It must be something like day 11 or 12 on board Switzerland and we have enjoyed a couple of quiet days. I'm sure you have read about it in all the other blogs, but we used the time very wisely to do a lot of needed maintenance, rig and safety checks and to rest our tired bodies! Finally we managed to sleep well without rolling massively from side to side and most of the boots have been dried out as well!

Yesterday felt eerily like the calm before the storm though. It certainly didn't feel like the same ocean we have sailed in the last 10 days. The sea was calm and the breeze was light. We are all aware of the storm that is building up behind us... and somehow it felt like mother nature was lulling us into a false sense of security.

As this next storm hits us it is going to be all the little things on board Switzerland that will help us get through:

It is the banter and laughter at those 10 minutes of watch handover, the lovely smells of freshly baked bread or ready served pasta bolognese streaming out of the galley and engulfing the whole boat. It is that cup of hot chocolate that warms your hands and your soul, the water bottle filled with boiling water in your cosy sleeping bag. It is the singing and joke telling, Vicky's funny blog writing ideas. But I think above it all it is the camaraderie and support from each other that has so far and will again get us through this next storm.

Much love to all our families, friends and supporters at home from all of us at Switzerland. We are ready to get through the next storm safe and sound!

Roser Preuss, RTW