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Race 4 – Day 11

Team Garmin - Mike Morawa

15 NOV 2013 - Race 4

The 10th day of our life at sea and pleasant northeasterly wind experienced late yesterday, that in Western Australia would bring a 40C summers day, has filled in to a 30 knot stiff breeze from the same direction. Today was spent with final preparation and checks for the predicted cold front from the southwest.

The seabirds that have constantly surrounded our boat for the past few days have thinned out to the odd albatross but even they appear to show limited interest in our presence in this isolated part of the world.

Currently we are located about 500nm northeast of the closest land which is the Antares Bank, a small group of islands that is possibly the breeding ground and home for many of our feathered companions. Water under the keel is close to 4500m.

Looking back it is hard to believe that we have travelled for two and a half months but it is reflected in the general attitude and speed at which even difficult jobs get performed by all without too much of a fuss. Constant spray over the deck that bothered most in the fist few days is simply shrugged off although the cold is felt by many.

It's nearly 5pm, time for our daily meeting so a greetings as always to all followers, friends and family of Team Garmin.

Best regards

Mike Morawa
Assistant Watchleader