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Race 4 - Day 15

Invest Africa - Sylvia Chahonyo

19 NOV 2013 - Race 4

Another day at sea (Huge Sigh!)

I find it really interesting how different each leg is. Sitting in the Doldrums for days on end in Race 2 of leg 1 was mentally and emotionally challenging.

Leg 2 was like seeing a picture on a menu, ordering based on the picture and getting exactly what you ordered, it is exactly what the brochure says it is. Leg 3 so far has been the most difficult for me. Getting on the boat in London and Rio was easy, not so in Cape Town. That was the real start of this race for me where I got to see and say goodbye to the people I choose to do life with (my friends and family) again, spend a night in my own bed and pick up my gear for the next couple of legs.

As though saying goodbye to all you hold dear to set off across what is deemed to be one of the most difficult oceans in the world with people you only met a few months ago wasn't enough, we were soon in the middle of a particularly vicious storm as we headed south. You soon discover a level of trust in people that is very hard to come by in the everyday world and with each re-shuffle of watches on the various legs you discover new facets in those you have already sailed a few legs with which makes you glad that you took the leap into Clipper Race. The people remain my favourite part of the challenge, why they are here, where they come from, what they hope to achieve by taking part in the race.

This crossing possesses its own unique challenges, the biggest of which is coping with the very cold wet days and nights and simply getting out of bed knowing what awaits you on deck. 48 hours after our last storm (what an understatement - winds of 218 knots recorded by Rich a few hours before the storm broke) and the weather is glorious and sunny as we head out of the Southern Ocean in a few minutes and back into the Indian Ocean. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling being in the Indian Ocean, I feel closer to home having spent many, many family holidays and Christmases at the Kenyan coast off the Indian Ocean.

Looking forward to getting to Oz, having a hot bath and a few good sleeps. I will chat to you again on the next leg.