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Race 2 - Day 3

Invest Africa - Craig Forsyth

11 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Both watches had a good night in semi tough conditions. It was hard work at the helm due to the conditions. But as a crew we worked hard for each other to make things easier.

For me day-break could not come soon enough. There were no stars in the sky and the moon had made an early appearance but then been stolen by the moon catcher fellow. When dawn had broken, it made helming so much easier.

Thunder watch had set a new speed record of 17.61knots. But then Lightening watch stepped up to the plate and recorded 18.30. Swiftly followed by 21.78 and then a 22.82knots. Awesome down wind surfing on a 70-foot yacht. 

Happy days. So on the back of our success we cranked up the volume on the sound system. Beef up the base on the AC/DC tracks and broke out the air guitar.

Even more happy days. Then to compensate for the change in longitude we put the clocks back by one hour. Too much head scratching as we tried to work it all out.

Craig Forsyth

Having fun trying to do everything without stability... its like trying to live life on a high speed wobble board after eight pints of beer (but without the eight pints of beer?).

I often tell people about challenging themselves, and how challenges make you look at life differently, to see the problems as just a stepping stone to feeling outstanding and achieving great things – all too often I hear a reason or excuse as to why they could never do it. How sad that so many people go to their graves saying ‘I Would have, I Could have, I Should have...’ the reality is that they just didn’t do it.... Its great to be spending time with other people who face the same challenges but found a way to do it.

I am really missing my family but at the rate we are racing will be back with them in about four weeks

Mike Greene

….and finally from everyone on board Invest Africa we would like to wish Donald, who is joining our happy crew for Leg 6, a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow. And we all hope that he is making a good recovery from his operation. No more jumping from the wardrobe with your Batman outfit on to get into bed, Donald.