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Race 2 - Day 4

Switzerland - Lindsey Noble

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

We are now shooting down the Atlantic finally on a good course to our Rhumb Line roughly parallel to the coast of Portugal.

The wind is strong and behind us and we are on broad reach so its a relatively comfortable ride although sometimes surfing the waves leads to unpredictable boat movement for those below. Everyone is well and active again and working hard. We couldn't have wished for better weather for the start of this race.

On the last night watch we stayed on the same tack the whole watch which led to the unusual situation of four hours with quite a limited amount of jobs to do on deck. Consequently the word games and stories have begun – we will have to be ingenious to keep us going. Last night led by Paul we covered a lot of ground but got stumped by identifying a capital city beginning with E and X. Not having the internet to check the answers to all these quizzes takes me back.

I must mention Heidi our wonderful boat who is, so far, remarkably dry and is holding all of us well in the Atlantic. She is proving to be sturdy and strong and is taking the waves well and surfing like a pro.

Antonio has just described her as "a little naughty girl who enjoys being taken roughly on the helm"… hmmm not sure I think that this really shows enough respect for our home and for some of us for a year. We will be showing her a lot of affection.

The guys have developed yet another motivating call one person starts with Jaegar Jaegar Jaegar and the rest of the team responds Bon Bon Bon.

This is used particularly when the speed increases to a yet unsurpassed level or when we have finally beaten a Yankee sail into submission on the deck and it is lying prone and neatly flaked ready to be bagged and returned to the sail locker.

Motivation is good and everyone is enjoying the ride.

Lindsey Noble