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Race 2 - Day 4

GREAT Britain - Ollie Phillips

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

A frustrating 24 hours to say the least. We started the morning of September 11, 20 miles out in front of the pack and flying along. The kite was out and we were pushing our little lady to her max. Waves were kicking up to around 30 feet and our max speed was 26 knots. Proper fly by the seat of your pants sailing!

However, as always with the fun there is a heavy price to be paid. By the turn of lunch we had managed to lose one of the fairleads as it was ripped clean off the deck. We then lost two halyards as there is an issue or a twist in our mast that is sawing through the ropes. Then, to make matters worse, we managed to lose one of the sheeting lines as it wrapped itself around the rudder. Lowering our skipper into the ocean to try and untangle it, in pitch black darkness was some pretty scary stuff!!

I have just awoken, and as am writing this blog, we appear to have now wrapped our spinnaker around the forestay. So it looks like our luck still hasn't turned just yet! What this shows is that you have to be on the money with everything you do. Any momentary lapses in concentration out here and it will cost you dearly. This ocean is calm in comparison to what we may come up against, but nevertheless, she is still one very unforgiving beast!!

Our lapse has resulted in us dropping from first to fifth place, with the other boats making up over 20 miles on us in the time it took us to sort our problems out. The race is tighter than a nuns knickers and if we are to regain our place at the front, we need to refocus and get back to doing what we do best - sailing fast!

Fingers crossed!

Ollie :)