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Race 5 Day 2

Invest Africa - Peter Sykes

05 DEC 2013 - Race 5

Well race start was good and saying goodbye to Albany was hard as they have been so friendly but I am sure the last blog went into more detail about that but I would like to thank everyone in Albany for an enjoyable stay.

Life on board has started to settle down and those that the green monster stuck down are coming round and taking an active role again. The Southern Ocean started to show how it can be but has now calmed a little. We’ve been getting a wet ride and had to put 2nd reef in and drop the stay sail because the wind and sea state picked up. We have now got a Yankee stay sail and one reef in trolling along nicely.

My bunk seems to be a good one not too difficult to get into and I have had a couple of good sleeps now and weird dreams.

Today’s meal certainly smells good which will be served to the Thunder watch who are currently just getting up for their 18:00 to 22:00 shift.

On a personal note check out the main winch diving competition on youtube.

Yes it did hurt but got 10/10.

Cheers for now