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Race 2 - Day 3

Team Garmin - Jon Dodd

11 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Well that was interesting. All hands on deck from 1430 for a head sail change - changing Yankee 1 to poled out Yankee 2 to head downwind. It took a while in heavy seas to get it done but by five we were flying downwind and surfing on big rollers - big fun. 

Unfortunately it didn't last too long as we hit a roller, our fairlead broke, then a shackle on the Y2 and we were forced to tack and drop the headsail, reef in and assess our position (I was helming at the time and it was a little 'hairy' at times - new situations without the automatic programing of what to do).

All the reparations took some considerable time, and as light was failing we took the decision to sail safe through the night and fix what needs to be fixed in the morning light.

At 2100 therefore starboard watch had been on since 1200 and valiantly after only a quick change into dry(ish) clothes they started again at 10-12. It's now 0300 and port watch have come on to give them a well earned rest.

For me personally I had one of those surreal reflection type moments. I was on the mast about to sweat a sail up and was looking back towards the helm.

The sun was just going down so there was a strangeness to the light, 12 'reddish/greyish' people in the cockpit and two around the helm, battling against the wind and rolling boat, with a wall of grey water appearing and disappearing as the backdrop. Not my usual Wednesday evening. Ok enough of this writing (I am sure the others think I am skiving!

My helm in about 20 minutes - let's hope it's not as eventful as last time (but still surfing on those rollers whilst it lasted was magic).