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Race 5 day 3

Mission Performance - Ben Pate

06 DEC 2013 - Race 5

And so we are off! After the amazing stopover of Albany we are at sea again and into the routine of the watch systems and sailing. The Clipper Race is starting to become a taster menu of places to visit, not really long enough in each port to see it properly, however enough to see if you like the place enough to return.

Albany was great, with everyone being so friendly and kind. We were the talk of the town and it was amazing to see all those people come out to watch the race start.

Hey ho, after setting off into light airs, we were almost certainly going to be at the back, even PSP Logistics setting off a day later than us got good winds and are only 60 miles behind. It seems it's one of those races.

But, it is not deterring us. Mark, the new skipper of Team Garmin sent skipper an email telling him to slow down as we are only 160 miles behind them, which is of course like a red rag to a bull, so once again we are powering hard and taking miles out of everyone.

The newbies is another interesting one for this leg. We have had a pretty stable crew for the last few trips, however now there is a big turnover of people.  This is the biggest change we have seen on our watch, and the introduction of Sue Hunt and Sarah Usher have turned the once "lads on tour" starboard watch, into a more refined and relaxed group of people. The swearing is certainly a lot less!

We are due some big winds soon, so we are all looking forwards to that. I'd never thought I'd say it, but I'm looking forwards to getting back to the equator and the heat! It’s cold and damp again, but hey, day 3, so only 7 days left!

This is the joys of leg 4 being comprised of short races. It is certainly a welcome relief to the round the world crew. I think we are all tired and weak and need the break in Sydney to get some strength back. Certainly I cannot wait to roll into Sydney, kick back and relax for a few days and get ready for the next race.

Round the world crew member Owen Jones calculated that in terms of races, overall mileage etc.

Singapore is actually our half way mark. So although Sydney is dubbed as the half-way point, we still have a few miles to go.

But we will have sailed to the other side of the world on this boat of ours. I think Sydney is the east most port, so marks the furthest east I will have been in my life. Hobart will make the furthest south as well.

Happy days the kettle has just boiled so best go.

Ben Pate