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Race 2 - Day 4

GREAT Britain - Lindsay Evans

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Our adventure continues! The last 24 hours have been some of the most challenging I have experienced.  At the last count we had dropped to fourth place, but given the "excitement" of the overnight watches this is actually a pleasant surprise.  

We encountered a number of hair-raising moments during the night, including getting the lazy spinnaker sheet wrapped around the rudder.  

Not a pleasant experience having to heave to in the Atlantic and dangle the skipper over the side to get it released.  We were probably stopped for about an hour while this was rescued and before normal sailing could be resumed.

Then our port guard rail came undone, and had to be roped up, and we began to realise the problems that a riding turn lead to.  Sailing at night is HARD!

Our second night watch was pleasantly uneventful - the spinnaker was up, and determination and some excellent helming and trimming meant we began to make up for lost time.  All was not well again this morning though - the spinnaker wrapped around the stay and had to be taken down and re-packed. More lost time. Our anti-wrap sail which prevents the spinnaker getting wrapped refuses to stay attached to the stay.  We have spent the afternoon working on this, and our talented crew have been showing off their sewing talents.

Further issue today is that our water maker seems to be leaking, and water is flowing into the bilges.  

Queue an afternoon of bilge pumping, and engineering.  This is potentially a serious issue as we are relying on the equipment to make us enough water to get to Rio.   We are hoping that a spare part will be available on a different boat.

The weather today is wonderful for sailing - beautiful blue skies and sea, and a good breeze.  We are well fed, with the mothers today making wonderful bread and a great looking spaghetti bolognese, and despite our problems spirits are high.