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Race 2 - Day 2

Jamaica Get All Right - Nick Bush

10 SEP 2013 - Race 2

24 hours gone and things are starting to settle into a routine on Jamaica Get All Right. A few people were affected by the scurge of seasickness but they are now thankfully recovering as the seas settle and the sun comes out.

People are establishing what they need from their kit as essentials and where they put them and a pattern to daily life is emerging. We are now into the second mother watch with Jean and Ruth having ruled the roost for the difficult first 24 hours, it is now the turn of Wes and Jason.

As Jason ran a hotel up to his departure, let’s hope some of his waiting skills pay off and we get meals with silver service!

Whilst our tactics are covert at this time, I can safely reveal that we are about a third of the way across the Bay of Biscay heading South West. We have a spinnaker up and are cruising along nicely, in fact we have just found out we were the second fastest boat in the previous six hours, testament to the focus and skill of the skipper and crew but also great for morale. It is great to see the boat finally doing what it is supposed to do. Some of us have put in many hours over the last month getting the boat to this stage so it is heartening  to finally see it in racing action with all systems working well.

Today saw the first ‘Happy Hour’ where the crew meet at the 1400hrs watch handover. It is an open forum where the skipper updates us on positions and tactics, and the crew can air grievances. The first one went very smoothly with no major contretemps and also included the introduction of a daily award, skillfully constructed from the hank that broke on race start (Hank – the bit of metal that holds the sails on). 

It will be awarded daily to the person or persons, that have made the most humorous error during the preceding 24 hours. Watch this space for the daily award winners and their misdemeanors! I’m sure some will be publishable!