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Race 2 - Day 3

Jamaica Get All Right - Craigie Marwick

11 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Out on deck for another four hour shift, not sure what time it was but was dark so must have been midnight or 0400.  Life on board is a bit like that; is it day or night? Is it 4 hours or six? Is it food or sleep or both? Are we all completely mad?

Although the boat is still rolling around the weather has been great with good winds and following seas lifting the boat and pushing us further south, as well as shoving the boat in unexpected directions which means that helming needs full concentration to steer a steady path.

We are now beginning to adapt to this strange routine, which will be the norm for the next 20 days, although this is still unimaginable.  

We seem to have come so far but on the other hand the race has only just begun and our progress towards Rio seems very small indeed, only 4,000 plus miles to go, but every mile is valuably earned as we watch our progress relative to the other boats in the race.

Gains are met with delight and slipping back in the fleet with a determination to catch up and even though it is early days we, and importantly Skipper Pete, are pleased with our progress.

We have been making full use of a very large tub with a tap on the bottom for making up large quantities of juice to keep the crew hydrated and today there was some debate about whether it was safe to bring it on deck or if it might be washed away.  Finally, it was agreed that with a non-slip mat it would be fine.

So if you happen to come across a 5 litre blue tub with white lid probably now floating towards Africa, can we have it back?: It belongs to Jamaica em>Get All Right.