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Race 2 - Day 4

Invest Africa - Gwen Vitre

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

I woke up this morning with a beautiful blue sky that I could guess by looking at the hatch in front of my bunk.  I felt also rested and in better form than the previous day... Finally, I might be able to enjoy this experience fully! And also to eat a bit more...I thought. I look at my watch and see that I have still some time before lunch and working on deck... so I use this time to clean myself and change of clothes... What a nice feeling!

Suddenly, I see and hear some actions from the deck. When I left it last night, I know that thunder watch was going to put on the kite no 3. I thought that maybe it was already time now to change this sail or maybe they were knowing some trimming issue. I didn't worry much more than that... you hear so many noises... and our team is really efficient...

Getting out of my bunk, I see a sail on the floor and a few people and Rich looking at it closely.... Indeed, the kite has been damaged. I think it wraps between the two forestay. We need now to repair it.... Andrew comes into action with the help of few of us which can handle being below deck for a while. We are lucky, we haven't put the kite into the water on its way back and Rich thinks we can repair it during the next watch so we can quickly re-setting it up. It would be a pity to lost our nice position because of that.... I have no doubt they will succeed...

Myself, I follow to enjoy the blue sky up on deck...or taking some chances in helming… It s really another world when you are not seasick...

Andrew in the other hand has not felt seasick, didn't see the sun but spent a frustrating afternoon fighting with a very old well used sewing machine (together with the skipper and Craig who fashioned a semi permanent repair). The medium weight spinnaker had suffered a fair amount of damages and with the help of Didi we completed our sail repair by the end of the afternoon. The proof of how good this first sail repair would be when code three next is used.

No doubt there will be more occasions to use our semi permanent repair

sewing machine on other sails during the next ten months by which time we would get to do the job better and faster than this first long repair.

Gwen and Andrew send all their love to our readers.