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Race 2 - Day 4

Old Pulteney - Simon Aram

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Lighter winds are not normally what we would be looking for but they were greeted with welcome this morning.

Patrick went up the mast, no mean feat when out at sea, and with the help of starboard watch set about trying to untangle the wrapped spinnaker, which finally after a couple of hours complied and was taken down.

Fortunately no major damage had happened to the sail and what little had was dealt with quickly by Sue with a needle and patch.

Obviously this was good news as no one wants to lose a sail but unfortunately the inner forestay didn't fair so well and is now out of action until Rio.

Patrick then went back up the mast and we replaced the two broken halyards.

Once all this remedial work was finished we were in a position to raise the code 1 spinnaker and continue on our way . As mentioned before, spinnakers have been the bane of this race for us so far and true to form she didn't go up without a fight but once up and full of wind we were soon picking up speed.

It has been a frustrating couple of days for us but the relief to be finally trouble free and on our way could be seen on everyone's face as they basked in the reflective rays of the setting sun.