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Race 2 - Day 5

Qingdao - Brian Pickles

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Qingdao definitely has gremlins. Things keep disappearing. We have lost sunglasses, reading glasses, jackets, gloves, phones, chargers, bags, pens, tools, tape and a can of paint. Nobody has seen the missing item. We empty cupboards and lockers trying to find the missing item but without any luck.

Our crew mates help and empty the lockers and cupboards again. We search in the galley and under the bunks but nothing is found.

It is amazing how much you can fit into a 70-foot boat. I think the crew must spend one hour a day searching for things.

The strange thing is that a few days later the missing item suddenly appears. Some times in strange places. For example the mastic was found amongst the vegetables.

When you sign up to sail around the world you think of blue skies, blue seas and night skies full of starts. You think about gales and surfing down the big waves in the roaring forties but you do not realise you will be spending an hour a day searching for things the gremlins have hidden.

Even when you want to get something out of your dry bag it is always in the other bag. Oh, the fun of sailing the ocean blue.