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Race 2 - Day 4

Team Garmin - James Bennett

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

After the events of last night the mood on board Team Garmin is somewhat subdued as we sit at the back of the fleet fixing what needs to be fixed before we turn our focus once again to the race.

For me it’s been a 24-36 hours (I have already lost track of what day we are on in this new environment) as a baptism to my Ocean Racing experience.

As a novice sailor before the Clipper Race it was with some nerves I took to the helm (not my strong point in my sailing skills) yesterday afternoon to convince Team Garmin that we would plot the course we wanted not the way mother nature wanted to push us. IT was more physical than I expected but with some guidance from one of my fellow crew I got to grips with the huge swell and the rolling waves and won the battle to drive the boat.... A few minutes in my driving instructor Carter shouted we were surfing a wave at 20 knots and I held the wave as long as I could... An awesome feeling and one I look forward to again as we lap the planet!

Its a real shame that just a few hours later we had equipment broken and in an mode of preserving ourselves and the boat as Mother nature decided to deliver me a low to balance the high. As crew we are learning more about each other day from every day things like likes and dislikes to favourite bands, holiday destinations etc.....what I learnt last night was that when we were up against it everyone stepped up and did what needed to be done, without question, without moaning and as helpful and supportive to each other as possible. As I do my mother watch duties today and therefore interact with both watches (it is possible to be like strangers even in this tiny enclosed environment) the mood continues and it is this that convinces me we are a force to be reckoned with in this Marathon of Ocean Racing.