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Race 2 - Day 4

PSP Logistics - Mark Pigram

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

So, it's now around 1030pm boat time, which is GMT +1 at the moment. Based on our longitude we should actually be at GMT -1, however we have been too focused on racing and dealing with some minor setbacks to adjust the time.

We have started the adjustment process by putting our clocks back an hour today during the midday watch changeover. That meant we all got an extra hour of deck time together! We'll do the same over the next couple of days until we're all synced up. It will be nice to get up for the 7am shift and have some sunlight, at the moment it still feels like the dead of night.

Time zones are one of the many joys of ocean racing, and something we'll come to terms with as we continue to cross the Atlantic and beyond.

We've had another couple of eventful days here on PSP Logistics. We have hoisted and dropped kites (spinnakers), put some small tears in a couple of kites, repaired the kites, poled out a headsail, ripped the pole track off the mast, eaten some delicious meals and some meals that were more about the calories, and if all that isn't enough there is a bout of the flu going around the boat!

Life on a yacht takes on it's own rhythm and pace, well it does eventually. Here on PSP Logisitcs, we are all starting to find that cycle, based on alternating small patches of sleep and being on watch. Personally it's only been in the last couple of hours that I think I've adjusted to the pattern. My body is now anticipating only three hours of sleep in a go, before having to be up again and take our turn at making PSP Logistics go fast. 

Finding a rhythm hasn't been helped by a dose of the flu, which thankfully hasn't been too bad for me. I did get some additional sleep, but unlike back home you can't just call in sick for a couple of days. If everyone on the yacht did that we'd be like a cork bobbing on the ocean, not particularly safe and certainly not the way to win a race. Everyone has been digging deep where required to ensure we continue to hold our place on the leaderboard.

As I mentioned we've damaged a couple of our spinnakers and also the track on the mast, which the pole goes up and down. The spinnakers we can repair, the track we aren't so sure about. Our best minds are working on the problem and no doubt we'll come up with something to get us to Rio. If we don't have the track, it's not the end of the world. It removes only one option from our repertoire, and not a major one at that. None of the damage has been caused by anything serious, just small little things. It is a lesson in how easily things can go wrong and how many things need to go right to have a quick and uneventful race. It's heartening to hear that other boats are having similar problems, though thankfully all minor and nothing serious that we've heard of. I'm sure a lot of that is down to this being the first ocean crossing for the fleet and everyone learning the yachts and finding their feet.

We have lots more stories to tell about life here on PSP Logistics, however bed is calling so I'll leave them for others to tell.