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Race 2 - Day 5

Old Pulteney - John Regan

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

What beautiful day!

At last after the earlier frustrations of the week things are going well. We have our largest spinnaker up and its stayed there - all night and all day! We are sailing well again and ignoring the date!

In the good weather we are taking time to carry out maintenance on the boat which is constant in these conditions. In the leg to Rio alone we will sail nearly 5,000 miles in all weathers.

This is extreme treatment for a boat. It’s more than the average sailing boat covers in two years and often in conditions which a normal boat would not put to sea in. They say Force 6 it’s a yachts man’s gale. 

So far on this leg we've experienced Force 7 gusting 9. The boat copes well in these conditions and even the stereo speakers we attached to the A frame on the back seem to be holding out.

After all the setbacks the charts show us behind the fleet but we have a plan. Skipper Patrick The Flying Dutchman has lived in Portugal and sailed around these waters for quite some time...all I'm allowed to say is sometimes a bit of local knowledge goes a long way!

Finally many thanks to Simon for his dramatic diary entry on Wednesday about my small swim. To all those who may be concerned I'd just like to say rumours of my swim are much exaggerated and the good news is I now have one extra set of clean (although slightly salty) clothes to wear, an interesting story to tell and nothing more than a big bruise in my armpit.