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Race 2 - Day 5

GREAT Britain - Mike Inglis

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Today we woke to be third or fourth and had contacted the Clipper Race team about our leaking water maker.

Neil and Marc found a fracture in the water maker late yesterday when pumping the bilges, which was key to understanding why fresh water had to be bailed every hour. After our skipper Simon and engineering Steve looking at the fracture it was decided to be a manufacturing defect that could not be fixed on board.

Yesterday we found that rather than divert to somewhere like the Canaries we found that there was a fleet spare water maker on PSP Logistics. Luckily we had been racing close to PSP Logistcs so we went on a similar tack overnight with a plan for a boat to boat transfer today.

We timed the time we stopped racing and the exact point of Lat and Long. We then did a boat to boat transfer which involved throwing a line to PSP Logistics. Them tying together the halliard , dry bags containing the water maker and a life jacket to ensure a safe boat to boat transfer happened. Shouts of 'PSP Logisitics delivers good stuff' and 'Now you can have a wash' echoed across the sea to cheers from the PSP Logistics crew.

The water maker transferred successfully and this afternoon the team will fit and commission them.

We started racing about one and three quarters of an hour after stopping. The crew motivation grew as no one wanted to have to stop racing to Rio.

Mike Inglis