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Race 2 - Day 4

Mission Performance - Mick Leonard

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Another 240 mile day saw mission performance once again dueling with the leaders hoping to deliver that extra effort to gain that illusive first position.

Everyone on board is working hard at whatever task set before them but the priority is speed!  Keeping the boat going in the right direction as fast as possible takes precedence over all else.

And that all else today has involved re-reeving two spinnaker halyards, repairing a broken block, multiple chafing repairs, a plethora of whippings (not to people but ropes ends!) and another few odds and ends to keep us on our toes including mast-top adventures for both Ed and myself.  All in all another busy day.

On a personal note I'm pleased to report that as so far the crew have bonded well with no friction as far as I can see.  Everyone is considerate of everyone else and there are plenty of "please, thank you and well dones" knocking about.  Whoever is on mother watch always strives to deliver good food in adequate quantities and even the bread making is improving as tips in the use of the various mixtures are passed on. I'm even adapting to the watch routine and had my first 3 hour sleep of this race this morning, nice.

The temperature is rising and that's not just the race, to-day has seen the first day without foulies and some legs that haven't seen sun for some time are now exposed to the elements, it's a good job that everyone is wearing sunglasses! Even the growing number of Ducks are in search of shades!

Team Mission Performance continues in its pursuit of points and will not relax until the end.

Mick Leonard.
em>Mission Performance. Somewhere West of Gibraltar and heading south.