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Race 2 - Day 5

Switzerland - Roser Preuss

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

I'm tired but happy. Life on board Switzerland is finding its rhythm. It's 16:45 now and my watch is coming to an end in a little over an hour.

I can't say the same about the end of yesterday's six hour watch. It was noon and we were just about to perform a routine gybe. But the timing was off and we wrapped our Yankee 2 around the forestay. When we unwrapped it we noticed that some of the hanks had been broken. So under Vicky's command we dropped the sail as soon as we could. Once it was off we hoisted our Yankee 3 and started examining the Yankee 2 for damage.... the news wasn't great.

We damaged two hanks beyond repair, but also ripped and punctured the sail in about five different locations! After the initial shock and disappointment, the sail repair team sprang into action.

While the rest of the watch continued to sail the yacht the sail repair team started work on the rips. It was a process of cleaning the salt water off the areas, drying it, patching up the rips and then hand stitching around the patches. Six hours later and the team was still working away. 

One person on each side of the sail passing the needle back and forth. At watch handover the next team took over. Two hours later and the sail was repaired. We re-hoisted it and the sail flew happily all night long.

Let's hope we learn from the lesson and don't do any more damage to our sails for a while.

Dinner is being served now for the next watch.

Roser Preuss