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Race 2 - Day 6

Qingdao - Peter Brumby

14 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Yesterday was my first official day as "Mother" on the Race. A proud title that is familiar to all Clipperites, one that is bestowed as opposed to earned. 

Deserved or not it was my turn to undertake the key domestic duties on our happy boat for a full day. A pleasured best shared on a boat with 21 people living together in a space much smaller that the average studio flat. Fortunately this day I was sharing duties with Keith who is a top bloke and likes to get stuck in. Our relationship is rapidly taking on new heights as we are also hot bunk partners, I am sure this will be the subject of future blogs, all I will say at the moment is that I am sure we agreed all the youngsters would get the high bunks.

Mothering is the best day of the week as you break the watch routine and spend the day cooking, and cleaning for the crew. There are a number of key benefits of this, you get to see all the crew - something you seldom do on the normal routine except in snippits, you get to influence the menu, you can choose the music to wake to crew up to - today was Don’t Believe a Word by Thin Lizzy, and you get to end the day with a "shower".

Today I had a "executive training course" on bread making and cutting onions by crew mate and top chef Lawrence. His need to pass his skills is in his DNA and great to spend some time with him.

The Galley is an intergal part on the circulation space of the boat. So not only do you need to turn out meals for 21 with all and sundry passing by constantly, not to mention the ever moving boat, but also today my crew mates were soldering on with a mammoth 3 day task of repairing our largest kite. Such dedication by our sail repair team, effectively trying to fix something larger than a tennis court in a space smaller than an under stairs cupboard. Amazing job.

So the down side? The pure erosion of tea and coffee production for 21 people and then the constant washing up. Everything needs to be washed twice, once in sea water and once in fresh. This is not cruising.

But when the fumes of washing up liquid and the heat get to you, you can nip up and peer over the deck. Today - smiles of appreciation from my boat buddies, bright sunshine, deep bright blue seas, and yes dolphins. Unfortunately not the pod that keeps nicking our caps and sunglasses but we will catch up with them soon for sure.

Could have been in the office I guess.

Another top day with the Clipper Race I guess.