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Race 2 - Day 6

GREAT Britain - Ollie Phillips

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

As Day 6 draws to a close, I thought I would give you an update as to what was happening on the Big Brother boat!

Sadly, there are no comfy sofas or stupid party games to play, but lots of restricted spaces and uncomfortable living. The good news is that no-one has snogged in the hot tub yet, nor got drunk and had a big argument…every cloud! ;)

Yesterday was a really fun day and also quite a relief for all the crew. Our water maker broke on day 4 and so we decided to tail the PSP Logistics boat, who we were told had a spare one on board. As soon as we were given the green light by the Clipper Race Committee, the transfer process began. For the first time in my life I felt like James Bond and Ethan Hunt all rolled in to one!

The plan was 'simple.' We would pull up alongside PSP Logistics, doing a casual 8 knots, with 25-foot waves crashing all around us and the deep Atlantic Ocean beckoning us to make a mistake and join it in its crystal blue arms, way down deep! My job description was simple. “You play rugby, you must be able to throw!!!” I swiftly pointed out that rugby players and their arms aren't quite akin to a cricketers, but nevertheless, faith was placed in my wobbly left one!

The plan was for us to pull up alongside them and on Simons call, launch the 'bag of rope' or for the sailors out there, the man-over-board rope bag, on to PSP Logistics’s deck. They were then going to attach the necessary part needed to fix our water maker, into a dry bag, drop it in to the ocean and then I was to pull it back in....simple!?

Holy !@%$ I thought! The entire future of our race and my teams’ water supply currently lay in my dodgy left arm and my wayward aim. Not only that, I was then required to haul in a part, across the ocean, back on board and do all this whilst struggling to not fall overboard! No pressure Ollie.

My time of reckoning finally was upon me. Succeed and everyone would be happy and vindicated in trusting me and the wobbly one. Miss or mess up in any way and I would have let the team down and would have 22 thirsty team mates, baying for my blood!

“Chuck it Ollie,” came the call. The freeze frame was epic. The 70-foot PSP Logistics boat lay 20 metres alongside of us. My entire crew and their entire crew were fixed on me, wondering 'will he make it or not'? The ocean was crashing around us and the boat was heaving up and down like a bouncy castle! With one almighty throw, I launched that bag so high in to the air that some steroid filled, Bulgarian discus thrower would've struggled not to applaud. The relief as I saw it crash in to the PSP Logistics sails and slide gently down on to their main deck was there for all to see.

Within minutes we had the part back on board the boat and the re-hydration could commence. I lay there, relieved that the whole process had passed seemingly stress free. Never before have I been so nervous, but what a rush it was when it was all happening. I have now requested to be known as either 'Waterboy' or the boats very own 'Thirst Aider.'

Sadly both requests have fallen on deaf ears and my quest for title continues…

See you soon gang,

Waterboy aka James Bond ;)