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Race 2 - Day 6

Mission Performance - Mark Pitkin

14 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Day 6 dawns on Mission Performance and our efforts overnight are rewarded as we maintain our third position overall in the fleet. Steady winds from the NE have made for enjoyable sailing and the slight rise in temperature has meant the first night of sailing in shorts, a welcome relief!

Life on board seems to have settled into a nice routine and the mood amongst the crew is positive and up-beat. The watches are all improving their down wind sailing skills and getting to grips with flying a spinnaker, which is a new skill for most of the guys on board, even some of the more experienced sailors amongst us!!

Today's celebrity chef's, Jo and Chris have cooked up a storm in the galley. They delighted us with their three bean curry surprise, Fresh Farmhouse loaves and unusual porridge cake which had an uncanny resemblance to the left over porridge from Breakfast, however there were very few complaints and all the food was demolished...

Ed our cousin from down under continues to dazzle us with his embroidery skills and with the support of Kate, Claire, Sophie, Hannah and big Al they continue to find even more ingenious ways of repairing our spinnaker Halyards.

Not much more to say other than Derek's thought for the day - Why do you have smelly feet and a runny nose when it should be the other way round?

Mark Pitkin